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Whether you need only one unique unit or mass produced models for a large venue project, we are here to work with you.

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Draft Beer

Whether it's an outdoor stadium or an indoor venue, Corsair startup draft beer carts are custom designed to reflect the brand image of your products, while delivering performance and functionality. Browse the gallery below to see examples of draft beer carts we have produced for customers.

Of course, the cart you need will be unique depending upon your specific application. Corsair is here to work with you. Contact us to discuss your serving needs and we will build the right cart for you.





Corsair's relationship with The Vollrath Company allows you convenient one-stop shopping in building your startup draft beer cart. Integrated service provides Corsair with a variety of unique benefits:

  • Equipment production control
  • In-depth product knowledge
  • Ease of access to product
  • Faster turnaround time

Click on the links below to see details on these Vollrath products for your startup draft beer cart.