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Whether you need only one unique unit or mass produced models for a large venue project, we are here to work with you.

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The hospital cafeteria isn't what it used to be. In an age when patient satisfaction is an increasingly powerful influence on revenue, foodservice can drive up satisfaction ratings, making the reputation associated with the hospital food as bland and less than appetizing, a thing of the past. Medical facility foodservice operators are becoming more and more savvy, designing pleasing cafeteria environments with menu options that are enticing, packed with flavor, and still embody the nutritional value required for patients. Corsair's mobile & fixed serving lines and kiosks are all designed to create a comfortable, inviting dining experience for patients and their visitors, especially when including a variety of Vollrath's buffet ware and countertop equipment.

Hospitals Project Gallery

The gallery below provides examples of carts and kiosks we have produced for customers that are similar to those you would find in the Hospital industry. Of course, the cart or kiosk you need will be unique depending upon your specific application. Corsair is here to work with you. Contact us to discuss your serving needs and we will build the right cart or kiosk for you.

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Aldersgate Buffet Line

ACM construction, custom angled cabinets, laminate base, Zodiaq countertops, tray slides, Vollrath Hot and Cold Drop Ins, Vollrath adjustable breath guards, modular construction, and electrical service.


Indiana University Serving Line

ACM construction, stationary with adjustable legs enables custom curves and angles, continuous serving line with multiple stations, tray storage and custom three-tube stainless steel tray slide, granite countertops with recessed areas for Vollrath Countertop Equipment and Cold, & Hot/Cold Drop Ins, storage, adjustable brushed aluminum breath guards, overhead aluminum truss bulkheads provide signage and menu boards, and electrical service.


OSU Commons Breakfast Station

ACM construction, custom two-tone laminated base with raised décor panels, two different height work stations, Corian countertops, stainless steel contemporary breath guards with fluorescent lighting, and central electrical connection. Equipment includes Vollrath Mirage Induction Cookers and refrigeration, which can be stored on the serving side when not in use, creating a flat utility top for cereal and fruit displays.


OSU Commons Salad Bar

ACM construction, custom two-tone laminated base with raised décor panels, U-shaped design, closed-door storage, built-in plate storage, Corian countertops, stainless steel contemporary breath guards with fluorescent lighting, Vollrath NSF7 Refrigerated Drop Ins, custom fabricated Vollrath Soup Wells, and electrical service.


Pilot Travel Center Soup Station

ACM construction, laminated base, mobile, solid surface countertops, Vollrath 7-1/4 quart Drop Ins, copper plumbing with one main shut off, electrical service, and powder coated progressive breath guard with tempered glass and LED Lighting.


US Navy Serving Line

Corian countertops, electrical service, fixed (adj. legs), laminated base, serving line, US Navy, wood décor


Westminster College Cafeteria

ACM constructed bases, laminate curved and flat sides, built-in plate/tray storage, stainless steel countertops, Corian tray slides, open storage, powder coated aluminum truss bulkheads, custom signage, pendant and track lighting, powder coated adjustable breath guards, and Vollrath Hot & Cold Drop Ins.